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The Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy is an initiative of the African Youth Development Foundation aimed at jumpstarting socio-economic reforms among youths through massive enterprise development.

The academy is the extension of our Business In You Talkshow, which is an aggressive campaign we launched to encourage young people create jobs for themselves instead of waiting for White and Blue Collar jobs that do not exist anywhere, any more.

Mission Statement

We have a mission to prepare Nigerian youths as social entrepreneurs as well as enable them raise startup capitals effortlessly to establish their businesses.

Our vision

We forsee a Nigerian society whose economy is driven by the youth population who are successful in their various enterprises, adding values and solving the nation’s critical challenges.

Strategic Objectives

We anticipate that through the Enterprise Academy and its accompanying Youth Cooperative, participating youths will:

  • Be exposed to how they can create jobs for themselves;
  • Be exposed to how social enterprises change the society;
  • Learn how to develop viable business plans;
  • Acquire managerial skills they need to build their various enterprises;
  • Have access to startup capitals to set up their small scale enterprises.


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