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The Rewards

Below explains in fuller details the rewards for participating in the Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy:

  • Level 1: Sapphire partner (Benefits: N5,000, T-shirt, I.D card and Online access)

This is the first stage of the Academy. When you register for the Academy with five thousand (N5,000) naira, you are expected to sponsor 5 other youths who will also register with five thousand (N5,000) naira each under you to enable you qualify for admission into the Business Talk show stage I. 

At this point, you receive a payout of N5,000 plus a branded T-shirt and membership card. In other words, you have successful regained your registration fee. That is the first earning stage in the system.

  • Level 2: Emerald Partner ( Benefits: N20,000 and Talk show II)

You will become an Emerald partner when those 5 youths who signed up under you also succeed in sponsoring 5 other youths each. That in effect means that you have sponsored 25 youths into the Academy.

When this is completed, you receive a payout of twenty thousand naira (N20,000) and qualify to be admitted into the Business Talk show II. Those partners under you also receive their own payouts, T-shirts and qualify for admission into the Talk show I.

  • Level 3: Ruby Partner (Benefits: N60,000, Tablet, The Academy and Internship)

You become a Ruby partner, when those 25 youths introduced above also complete sponsoring 5 youths each into the Academy.

As a benefit, you receive a payout of sixty thousand (N60,000) naira, a tablet and get admitted into the main Academy. Here, you are prepared and equipped with the necessary skills you need to start up and succeed in your own enterprise.

The academy at this stage will run for two weeks, during which you will be coached by professionals in the various skill areas.

Partners, who are signing up from outside Imo state will be provided accommodation during this period. In addition, you will also receive a tablet to enable you have access to the internet for your researches during the academy.

At the end of the 2 weeks academy, you will proceed for a 3 months internship in one of our partner organizations, where you will undergo hands on practical training in your chosen skill area.

Note: At this stage, your referrals also get their payouts and other benefits accruing to them as either Sapphire or Emerald Partners as the case may be.

  • Level 4: Diamond Partner (Benefits: N300,000; N1,000,000 grant + Supervision)

This is the penultimate stage of this microfinance system, which will land you with your first startup capital of one million naira.

As soon as the 125 youths recruited into the Academy above succeed in sponsoring 5 youths each, you receive a payout of three hundred thousand (N300,000) naira plus the first one million naira (N1,000,000) startup grant. You will also have the privilege of working with our technical team, who shall supervise and guide you with your startup processes.

The technical team is provided not just to guide you but to ensure that the grant is judiciously used in establishing a viable enterprise that will empower you for life.

All your referrals as well get their payouts, bonuses and whatever is accruing to them at their various partnership levels.

  • Level 5: Platinum Partner (Benefits: N1,000,000 and a brand new KIA Rio)

For the fact that we have a definite goal of equipping young entrepreneurs with the skills and resources they need to succeed, this cooperative has only 5 levels.

This is the last stage and we strongly believe that for you to advance to this point, you must have acquired enough startup capital, skill, experience and all that you need to establish your own enterprise.

As soon as the 625 persons referred above succeed in signing up their compulsory 5 youths into the Academy, you receive another payout of one million naira (N1,000,000) and a brand new KIA Rio.

Your referrals as well get what is due to them at the various partnership levels.