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Students Plan

This plan is strictly for students and so none students are not allowed to sign up for this plan. To ensure strict compliance, there is no registration page for this plan. All students interested in the program must sign up under the Coordinators of their schools, whose links shall be published here from time to time.

You may wish to contact us on 08038702075 to confirm if there is a Coordinator for your school. If there is none, we may give you the opportunity to Coordinator the Youthscare.org program in your school.

Below are the details and benefits of participating in this job creation and empowerment program.

Level 1: Beginner (Benefits: I.D. Card + Business Talk Show + Talent Discovery Course)

As a beginner, who just signed up for this students plan with two thousand naira (N2,000), there are no earnings for you at this stage. You will begin to earn as soon as you invite your friends and relations to also sign up for the Academy.

At this stage, you will be issued with a membership identity card as well as admitted into our Business Talk shows and Talent Discovery Classes.

The major goal of this Business talk show and Talent Discovery Course is to change your mindset, which is already fixed at paid employments into becoming an entrepreneur and an investor.

At the end of the course, you will be convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that entrepreneurship or self employment is now the way to go and that paid employments have become old fashioned.

Level 2: Sapphire Student (Benefits: N2,000 Upkeep Allowance + T-shirt + Team Building Course)

This is the first earning stage of this plan. You will attain this level when after signing up for the Academy with two thousand (N2,000) naira, you succeed in inviting 5 other persons to sign up under your team. Each of them is also expected to sign up under you with two thousand (N2,000) naira.

At this stage, you receive a payout of two thousand naira (N2,000) plus a branded T-shirt as well as qualify for admission into our Leadership and Team Building Classes. In other words, you have successfully regained your initial sign up fee.

The Leadership and Team Building Courses are designed to prepare you for the tasks ahead of you as a business owner.

NB: All your team members as well get their payouts, bonuses and whatever is accruing to them at their various partnership levels.

Level 3: Emerald Student (Benefits: N10,000 Upkeep Allowance + Social Media Marketing Course + Special Meet-up  Session)

You will become an Emerald partner as soon as you and your team succeed in signing up 25 persons under you.

When this is completed, you will receive a payout of ten thousand naira (N10,000) and qualify to be admitted into the Social Media Marketing Class. At the social media marketing class, you will learn how to use the internet and social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google plus, etc in marketing your products and services.    

At this stage, you also qualify to participate in the Special Meet-up Session, where we shall feature other successful young entrepreneurs to interact with our participants. In this forum, you are at liberty to ask these young professionals how they started their businesses, how they raised their own initial startup capitals, the challenges they faced along the line, how they overcame them, their future plans, etc.

NB: All your team members as well get their payouts, bonuses and whatever is accruing to them at their various partnership levels.

Level 4: Ruby Student (Benefits: N50,000 Upkeep Allowance + Tablet + One month Academy +N500,000 Book Launch Challenge)

You become our Ruby partner, when you and your team have introduced 125 people into the Academy.

As a benefit, you receive another upkeep allowance of fifty thousand (N50,000) naira, a Tablet and get admitted into our one month Academy, where you are prepared and equipped with the necessary skills you need to start and succeed in your own business.

In addition, you also qualify to compete for the five hundred thousand naira (N500,000) Book Launch Challenge. It is a competition that will start with a special online course called “Writing for Publication”.

The winner of the Book Challenge in each school receives a grant of five hundred thousand naira (N500,000) for the publication and launch of his or her new book. The book can be in fiction or non-fiction and not limited to any subject matter.

The Book Challenge is another contribution we are making to society as it is an opportunity for bright students to discover and develop their writing skills.

Through this Challenge, we want to discover more Chimamanda Adichies and Chinua Achebes for Nigeria!

Note: At this stage, all the students under your team also get their upkeep allowances and other benefits accruing to them.

Level 5: Diamond Student (Benefits: N250,000 Upkeep Allowance + Laptop+ N1 million Social Innovation Challenge)

This is the penultimate stage of this Student Pack, which will land you with an upkeep allowance of two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N250,000), a laptop, one month Enterprise Academy and a chance to compete for the 1 million naira Social Innovation Challenge.

This will happen as soon as you and your team succeed in inviting 625 students the Students Plan under you.

You will also get admitted into our one month Enterprise Academy. Here, you are prepared and equipped with the necessary skills you need to start up and succeed in your own enterprise.

The academy will run for a period of one month, during which you will be coached by professionals in various aspects of managing a business venture.

This one month training shall hold in any State, where we have student members. In addition, you shall win a laptop to enable you have access to the internet for your studies during the academy.

At the end of the one month course you shall qualify to compete for the one million naira (N1,000,000) Social Innovation Fund from any of the various universities, polytechnics and colleges of education across the 36 States of Nigeria plus the FCT.

The Challenge is another contribution we are making in the socio-economic development of the country as students from the various universities, polytechnics and colleges of education shall be competing for the launch of their innovative ideas, which can be in any sector of the economy, including agriculture, ICT, health, services, entertainment, fashion, etc.

Through this Social Innovation Fund, we want to produce more Mark Zuckerbergs, Richard Bransons, Innocent Chukwumas, Gossy Ukanwokes, etc in every State of the Federation for Nigeria.

NB: All your referrals as well get their upkeep allowances and other benefits accruing to them at their various student partnership levels.

Level 6: Platinum Student (Benefits: N1,250,000 Upkeep Allowance + N1 million grant)

This is the last stage and we strongly believe that for you to have advanced to this point, you must have acquired enough entrepreneurship skills, experience and all that you need to establish your own enterprise.

As soon as you and your team invite 3,125 students under you, you receive a huge student upkeep allowance of one million, two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N1,250,000) and an additional one million naira (N1,000,000) grant to start your choice business.

This N1 million non-refundable business grant is also our contribution towards the empowerment of owners of small and medium enterprises. We are doing this because we strongly believe that there is an urgent need to encourage the spring up of small enterprises, which is the only sure way to grow the economy of this country.

Our technical team shall also be available to assist you set up your choice business from the scratch till it takes off. The technical team is provided not just to guide you but to ensure that the fund is judiciously used in establishing a viable enterprise that will empower you for life.

NB: All your student team members as well receive what is due to them at the various partnership levels.