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About Us

On behalf of my ambitious team, I am glad to welcome you to the Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy (YouthsCare!)

It is a program of the African Youth Development Foundation, an organization established in Nigeria in 1999 for the purposes of mobilizing resources and to promote and support sustainable youth empowerment and rural development initiatives in Africa.

Over these years, we, in AFRYDEF are glad to declare that we have empowered several youths and communities through our well thought-out and carefully developed projects, which we implemented in partnership with both local and international organizations, including the USAID, Actionaid, Global Health Council, Center for Peace Across Borders, just to mention only but a few.

I am so excited that this program, which gave us many sleepless nights and restless afternoons, has been launched successfully. For us, its launch is really a breakthrough in our constant struggle and continuous research on how to reduce the unemployment crisis ravaging our country, Nigeria.

For the first time in this country, we have come up with workable strategies of equipping youths with skills in entrepreneurship as well as providing them access to startup capitals for their enterprises, simultaneously.

In several meetings, conferences, research reports, etc, financing of small enterprises has always been identified as the major challenge in job creation and employment generation, even after skills training.

The truth is that we are not only interested in helping you raise funds to start your own business, we are more committed in helping you acquire special enterprise skills you need to be able to build and manage your businesses.

All these happen simultaneously, making YouthsCARE, the only personal franchise that works for youths and the unemployed!

I am sure, you are here because, you want us to help you establish and manage your own business.

There is no need delaying anymore, after all, you have suffered several years of unemployment and deprivation. Now, is the time for you to do it yourself!

Once more, I am so excited welcoming you on board…

Hon. Remy Chukwunyere,


African Youth Development Foundation (AFRYDEF)