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What is YouthsCARE?

Youthscare is our acronym for Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy. It is a job creation and employment generation program developed by a non-government al organization called, African Youth Development Foundation (AFRYDEF). The NGO was established in Nigeria in 1999 to mobilize resources and to promote and support sustainable youth empowerment and rural development initiatives in Africa.

Since 1999, the NGO has collaborated with a number of local and international organizations in the implementation of its youth and community development programs. More information about AFRYDEF is available at www.inspireyouths.org

What are your mission and vision?

Our mission is to prepare Nigerian youths as social entrepreneurs as well as enable them raise startup capitals effortlessly to establish their businesses.

Our vision is that of a Nigerian society whose economy is driven by the youth population who are successful in their various enterprises, adding values and solving the nation’s critical challenges.

Is Youthcare a government project?

Youthscare is not a government project. It was developed and is being operated by an NGO, the African Youth Development Foundation. As a program designed to reduce unemployment among youths in the country, we can enter into partnership with the government at any level: Federal, State or Local Government.

We are also available for partnerships with private sector establishments, who share in our visions of a Nigerian economy driven by the youth population.

How do I know it’s not a scam?

First of all, it is not a scam because, it is a program developed by a well known NGO operating in Nigeria since 1999. Another proof that it is not a scam is that, the physical address of the organization that developed the program and also implementing it is displayed on the website. Addresses of other contact offices in other states are also displayed visibly on the website.

If it were to be a scam, the organization may have displayed a fake US, UK, Europe or Asian address as its Head Office, while the Nigerian office serves as its contact office. In this case, you can visit or walk into their office for any enquiries.

Is Youthscare a network marketing business?

The sincere answer to this question is NO.

It is not a network marketing business because our major objective is to aggressively convert Nigerian youths from being job seekers to becoming job creators. The only way to do this is by adopting the network model, which will help us spread this campaign faster and get more youths sign up for this Academy. We believe that as more youths sign up, the more entrepreneurs we are producing for the country and the more our economy is growing by the number of small enterprises that will spring up thereafter.

Again, we adopted the network model in order to compensate our participants for their efforts in helping us market the only products we have, which are the Enterprise Academy and the Youth Cooperative.

As an Academy and Cooperative at the same time, the program also helps you raise startup capital that will be enough for you to set up your own small enterprise after graduating from the Academy.

Finally, it is not a network marketing business because it has only 5 levels in which you can earn income by inviting others into the Academy. We do not promise heaven on earth, lifetime earnings, luxurious lifestyles, and oversea holidays to Dubai, etc like other network businesses.

In this program, immediately, you arrive at this 5th stage, you cannot continue. You leave with your business already set up, some money to expand your business and a car to go home with.

How do I register as a participant?

Registration as a participant in the Academy is very easy and is done in two ways, online and offline. Application forms are available with our Coordinators, especially in the rural areas where access to the internet is limited.

To register online, just click on http://www.youthscare.org/signup.php

How do I pay my registration fee?

After completing your registration, you will need to make an online payment using our highly secured payment gateway displayed on the website.

If you are paying through bank deposit, please, use any of the following bank details:

  • Ecobank Nig. PLC, Account No: 124 200 3097, Account Name: African Youth Development Foundation
  • Access Bank Nig. PLC, Account No: 002 179 3862, Account Name: African Youth Development Foundation

After payment into the bank, please, kindly submit your teller no., name of depositor and your full name to 0803 870 2075 to enable approval of your application.

Where will the training programs hold?

The Business Talkshows, Special Panel Sessions and one month Course Work shall hold in designated training centers in the various States, where we have members qualified for the training. These centers shall be announced on the website where and when available.

In Imo State, the training shall hold in our office at # 9 Mbari Street, Ikenegbu Layout, Owerri, Imo State.

Meanwhile, we shall once in a while as the need arises organize our “Business in You Talkshows” in various universities and tertiary institutions, churches, etc. in States, where we have members. 

What are we going to learn in the Academy?

The academy is divided into four categories, as follows: The Business in You Talkshows; Special Panel Sessions; One month Course Work and Internship Placements.

  • The Business in You Talk show

We decided to adopt the talk show method, which is more informal as our strategy for the awareness campaign because of the impact we want to make on our target audience, which are young people.

Most times, where seminar and workshop methods are used for presentations, such settings appear too formal and academic. That is an impression we want to avoid at this stage of the project.

  • Special Panel Sessions

At this stage, we shall organize panel sessions where successful social entrepreneurs and innovators will be featured to interact with our participants.

This strategy will enable the participants hear from some of the successful entrepreneurs, how they started, the challenges they faced, how they overcame, the success recorded so far and the prospects in their line of businesses.

  • One Month Course Work

The academy shall be a formal setting, where all who signed up shall be equipped with the entrepreneurship and leadership skills they need to succeed in their startups. The duration of the academy is one month only with an option of 3 months internship for the participants.

The following courses are offered at the Academy: Introduction to Entrepreneurship; Basic Computing and Information Technology; Basic Book Keeping; Marketing Strategies; Business Modeling; Business law; Communication and Team building.

  • Internship Placement

Even though, this is optional, our participants are will be attached to our partner organizations, where they will have practical experiences in the trades and skill areas of their choices.

It lasts for a period of one to three months as may be desired by the participant.

How do I raise the 2 million naira you are promising?

The Youth Cooperative feature of the program is designed using a 5 by 5 matrix multilevel marketing model that allows participants to earn income by introducing their friends and relations into the Enterprise Academy.

You earn money and qualify for the various stages of the Academy as you refer people to sign up for the Academy.

As structured in the Youth Cooperative, the benefits at all the levels are summarized below:

  • Level 1: Sapphire partner (Benefits: N5,000 payout + Branded T-shirt + I.D card + Admission into the Business Talkshow)
  • Level 2: Emerald Partner ( Benefits: N20,000 payout + Admission into Special Panel Session)
  • Level 3: Ruby Partner (Benefits: N60,000 payout + Tablet + One month Course Work + Internship Placement)
  • Level 4: Diamond Partner (Benefits: N300,000 payout + 1 million naira grant + Technical Supervision)
  • Level 5: Platinum Partner (Benefits: N1,000,000 payout + Brand new KIA Rio + Qualification to participate in the 2 million naira Enterprise Challenge)

How do I withdraw the money raised on Youthscare.org?

To withdraw your money into your physical bank account, just login into your back end and complete the withdrawal form and your money will be sent into your local bank account.

How will you set up my own business as promised?

When you become a Diamond partner in this program, you automatically qualify for a business grant of 1 million naira in addition to the three hundred thousand naira (N300,000), which is your payout at this stage.

The 1 million naira will not be disbursed to you at the same time. It will rather be released in tranches as our technical team assists you in setting up your choice small enterprise.

What is lifetime technical support?

By lifetime technical support, it means that you will continue to get support from our technical team, even after you have graduated from the academy and have already started your own business.

We shall be there to continue to guide you, inform you about other financial support services available to you in your trade area. When and where necessary, we can guarantee you loans from the commercial banks, having built and nurtured your business beyond the start up stage.