A Job Creation Program for African Youths!
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Welcome to the Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy, a program of the African Youth Development Foundation designed to provide young people with the skillsets and funds they need to become successful entrepreneurs, innovators and business owners.

This is because, we envision an African economy that is driven by young people, who are successful in their various enterprises, adding values and solving the continent’s critical socio-economic challenges.

Through this specialized training and fundraising program, our participants shall:

  • Be exposed to how they can create jobs for themselves;
  • Learn how to turn their passions into business ventures;
  • Acquire skills they need to build successful enterprises;
  • Raise funds they need to establish their enterprises, effortlessly.

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  • Welcome! How may we help you? 25-10-2018

    Glad to welcome you to this wonderful platform where young people acquire skills they need to turn their passions and skills into profitable ventures, as well as raise funds to read more>>