A Job Creation Program for African Youths!
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The Enterprise Academy

The enterprise academy is an organized innovative learning platform that equips registered peoplewith leadership and entrepreneurship skills to enable them run any business in Africa. The training will run online and offline for 24 weeks.  Physical meet-ups are organized from time to time depending on activities schedule which will be made available to all students of the academy.

Certificate are awarded when participants graduate from the academy and they automatically become Enterprise Partners to the Academy. At this level they begin to enjoy business development support from the Academy and are eligible to participate in our Master classes and other Professional trainings.

The Business in You Talk Shows

In the Academy, all participants will have access to the popular “Business in You Talk Shows” hosted by our founder, Hon. Remy Chukwunyere, the #JobCreationAddict himself.

The Talk Show is a discussion session with all our participants at all levels and it provides an unprecedented opportunity for anyone to share their thoughts, fears and aspirations and also meet and network with established business leaders for the purposes of encouraging and inspiring them.

We adopted this method because, most times, where seminars and workshop methods are used for presentations, such settings appear too formal and academic. That is an impression we want to avoid through this Talk Show and other teaching methods adopted in the Academy.

Course Outline

The following courses are offered to our participants at the various levels:

Diamond Class

  • Personal Development and leadership
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • Access to The Business in You Talk show

 Gold Class

  • Strategy and Business Model
  • Pitching to investors
  • Understanding the dynamic role of entrepreneurship and small business
  • Organizing and managing small business
  •  Access to The Business in You Talk show


Platinum Class

  • Industry and Market research
  • Financial planning and control
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Product and Service development
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Access to The Business in You Talk show