A Job Creation Program for African Youths!
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Youth Cooperative

The Youth Cooperative is a micro financing scheme, which we have carefully developed to enable young people register for the Academy at a highly subsidized rate of five thousand naira (N5,000).

It is a personal franchise that will run on an automated web based multilevel marketing software, which will enable every youth that signs up to raise fund by inviting others as well as qualify to study in the Academy, raise startup capital and win other financial bonuses and rewards.

With this scheme, every participant passing through the Academy shall be graduating with a minimum startup capital of one million, five hundred thousand naira (N1,500,000), which is enough capital to set up various enterprises.

Our Technical Team shall be involved in the disbursement and management of the startup capital to ensure that it is put into judicious use as expected.

The team shall also provide technical support and supervision until the participant establishes his or her enterprise.


The Cooperative Reward Table




Team Members

Pay Out (N)

Award / Bonuses


Ruby Partner



The Academy (Diamond Class)


Diamond  Partner



The Academy (Gold Class)


Gold Partner



The Academy (Platinum Class), Tablet + Master Classes.


Platinum Partner



N1, 000,000 + Business Support.


Description of the Cooperative Reward Table

Level 1: Ruby Partner (Benefits: N10,000, The Academy (Diamond Class)

This is the first stage of the Academy. When you register for the Academy with five thousand (N5,000) naira, you are qualified for the Diamond Leadership and Entrepreneurship Class. You are then expected to build a team of 10 other youths who will also register into the Academy with five thousand (N5,000) naira each under you to enable you qualify for the Gold Leadership and Entrepreneurship Class. 

At this point, you receive a payout of N10,000 plus a branded T-shirt and membership card. In other words, you have successful regained your registration fee. That is the first earning stage in the system.

Level 2: Diamond Partner (Benefits: N50,000, The Academy (Gold Class)

You will become an Diamond partner when those 10 youths who signed up under you also succeed in building a team of 10 other youths each. That in effect means that you have brought 100 youths into the Academy.

When this is completed, you qualify for the Gold Leadership and Entrepreneurship Class. You receive a payout of twenty thousand naira (N50,000) and also qualify to attend free Master classes.

Level 3: Platinum Partner (Benefits: N500,000, 1 million naira startup grant and business support)

You become a Platinum partner, when those 100 youths introduced above also complete bringing10 youths each into the Academy. As a benefit, you receive a payout of five hundred thousand (N500,000) naira, a business grant of N1,000,000 and access to free business development support services.